In Bangkok

So this will be a quick one. I’m leaving shortly to go welcome in the New Year (before any of you).

Thursday I had the opportunity to be prayed for by Baba Doug, just in from Malawi. I was dropped of at Newark airport by Nathanael, Gabriel, Josiah, and Tom. It was a good send off team. I was able to bring my guitar as a carry on!

The flights from Newark to Stockholm, from Sweden to Malaysia, and then from Malaysia to Thailand were all just about as good as long flights can be.

I was welcomed in Bankok by Kris and the Goshorn family. I get to be here with some good folks.

The last few days have been quite full, but at the moment I’m unsure how to relate what they were filled with. The days have been right when nights used to be. My friends here have kept me busy during the day to ensure that I’m ready to sleep at night.

 Trying with a foggy mind to pick out highlights from time lived with a foggy mind is a little tricky. I know I have enjoyed being loved by the Goshorn children. Levi and Julia are fun. Carrying them, however, can be challenging by the end of a day (that by my internal clock is a night). I know my apartment is located conveniently near both a skytrain station and a superstore (Super WalMart esque). I know I’ve had a lot of great Thai food a good deal cheaper than I could pick it up in the US. I know I’ve met a whole lot of people I look forward to getting to know better. Many of whose names I am sadly still a little unsure how to say, and very unsure how to write with English letters.

Happy New Year!

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