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Sorry. I haven’t stayed on top of this the last few days.

Our last day in London we went to All Souls church in the morning and then went to Speakers Corner (where Jay Smith goes on Sunday afternoons). Speakers Corner is hard to describe. Speakers corner is a space in the park where people can go and say pretty much whatever they want. There are a lot of crazy folks, a lot of angry folks. Some people wear costumes to help attract a crowd. There are a number of very sharp muslims who know both the Koran and the Bible quite well. There are a number of people with Jay Smith who work to answer their objections to Christian belief as well as confront them with places of weakness in their own belief.

After Speakers Corner we swung by Buckingham Palace.

Monday we left London for Wales. Tuesday we had a very nice sit-around-and-read-while-the-rain-falls-outside day. Yesterday we went and saw an old castle and a few bits of the Welsh coast. We also went to a museum telling the story of one of the leaders in the Welsh revival.

Today we hiked up to one of the highest points in the national park we’re staying in. It was a pretty steep walk with pretty views along the way. The view from the top, however, was nonexistent. The top was in thick cloud. I’d love to get to see the view sometime, but it was fun to get to walk right into the clouds.

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Today I received my first physical attack for Christ. At speaker’s corner a Muslim man had forced Jay off his ladder. After several times being removed from his ladder the police showed up. They asked Jay to move. At the new location I stood in front of him to try and deter attacks. The same man who had pushed Jay off earlier came right up to me and started screaming at Jay (in my ear) “liar” repeatedly. As he pressed against me I refused to move, so he brought his knee up and hit me in the thigh. I stumbled into him with a little extra force and regained some ground. Marcus encouraged me not to retaliate. So I started quoting silently 1Cor 13. At about the fourth verse he brought his knee up and made solid contact with my groin. I fell to the ground. Apparently the man ran away. I feel no anger, but am instead awed by Christ’s willingness to die for those beating him.

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Speakers’ Corner

Yesterday I had an awesome time at speakers’ corner. My heart was really broken by several people being ruder than anyone else and doing so in Jesus’ name. I took some time to pray that God would give me peace, that he would speak through me and, among other things, that those who call Jesus Lord would show Jesus’ love. Eventually I joined a conversation between a Christian and two Muslims. By the time I entered the conversation the other Christian was ready for a break, so I became the main Christian speaker. Pretty rapidly more and more Muslims made a circle around us. I had an attentive audience of at least twenty (Some were attentive only to catch points in my speech on which they could catch me). This debate really challenged me to learn my scriptures better. We were able to have a very civil discussion (relative to other discussions at the corner). The man I was speaking with even backed me up when I asked one fellow not to interrupt me. I am convinced respect is earned through respect. I gave the Muslim firm affirmations whenever I agreed with what he said. Looking back at the conversation I had been able to have, I really felt God had answered my prayer.

So far on this trip I have had my musical abilities affirmed. I am realizing how much I enjoy serving the body and honoring God through music.

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