Sabbath and a Boro Connection

Yesterday was a good day.  Rather Sabbathy. I think in general Christians today are too ready to throw out the Sabbath baby with the legalistic bath water. Jesus didn’t tell people to stop obeying one of the ten commandments, he just pointed out that (like all the other commandments) the call to cease for a day is a gift from God to us. It should be a source of life, not a source of added legalistic toil. I don’t mean to indicate that I wholly entered into Sabbath yesterday. I’m just saying that the partial taste of Sabbath I experienced yesterday encouraged me to better honor this commandment. 

For readers in Waynesboro, part of my good day yesterday included a dinner with Lexie. We live in rather different parts of Bangkok, so visiting is not an entirely simple proposition. It was good to hear some of one another’s experiences. It was good to sit down and talk in English for a while with someone who looks at the world through a similarly informed set of eyes.

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