Of Airports and Symphonies

Happy Birthday Judah!

Today was a good day. I spent time in the morning writing out chords to some of the hymns in the BIC hymnal I brought along. I then had a good time singing them.

A little after 9:00 I left my residence to go meet friends who where flying  through Bangkok. We were able to have about three hours together during their layover. It was really good to reconnect.

I then made my way to Lumpini Park where the the Bangkok Symphony was playing. It was very nice. The symphony was seated in a pavilion. The palm trees on either side of the pavilion were draped with white lights. There was a light breeze. Slightly detracting from the mood was the thumping music of the aerobic dance a few hundred yards away in the park (I think every park in Bangkok has aerobic dance in the evenings. People come out in droves).

The music played was very fun. They played the theme from Mission Impossible. They had an excellent soloist from Chiang Mai sing a few songs (the title I remember was “I could have danced all night”). The symphony was joined by a jazz trio for, if I’m thinking right, Rhapsody in Blue. They played some other fun stuff that I really should be able to remember names for, but I can’t. I’ll blame it on the late hour.

Speaking of the late hour, I just go ahead and mention for any of you who may be wondering: I usually post my entries so that the appear as having been written on the day that I wrote them even if I did not post them that day. However, I do not usually adjust the time to acurately reflect the time of day when they were written. If you look closely, there are some post that appear to have been written before the events which they describe took place.

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Walk (or rather run) in the Park

Yesterday as I was to get dinner I noticed that there was another large park adjacent to the large park I have been running in. Today I ran there. It is huge! I haven’t tried this (I don’t have internet access as I write this), but you might be able to see the park if you enter “Rot Fai Park, Bangkok, Thailand” in google maps. This park was yet another reminder of God’s provision for me. 

Looking at a map of the city of Bangkok this appears to be the largest park in the city and it is quite close to where I am staying (You could try “Phahon Yothin Soi 15, Bangkok, Thailand” in google maps. NOTE: I have previously discovered that after the first search for somewhere in Thailand, after google maps loads the map of Thailand, it no longer finds things entered using English letters. If, however, you reload google maps so everything is in English, you can then again enter a location using English letters.  


Incidentally, I found a nice cello today. I didn’t buy it yet. Someone told me there might be a wider selection in Chinatown. I hope to go exploring sometime soon. I also am waiting for Steve Job’s Keynote tomorrow, the results of which may lead to a large personal expenditure (I’m hoping to acquire a laptop and it is rumored that there will be a new ultra slim macbook air announced tomorrow).

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