Finding MCPC was not a problem but it took us a couple of times around the block to find a parking space. Walking into the building I was reminded that cities often have narrower halls and stairways to save space. I also noticed the low roofs. I was surprised at the size of my room.

I was impressed with the Temple cop’s presentation. There is a significant difference between a gun carrying city police person and Messiah College public safety.

During the subway ride for orientation we saw two men with suitcases full of CDs and DVDs. The one man probably had 120 and the other around 200.

For orientation we went to Old City. Larry, Chris, Daniel and I saw the Liberty Bell and its accompanying exhibits. We then worked together to navigate back to MCPC. I feel comfortable navigating a subway system after two weeks using London’s Underground (though Philly’s subway system is smaller, has less frequent trains, and not as many maps in the trains), but I am still a little uncomfortable sitting right next to strangers. I feel like I am invading in their space.

After dinner I had to work on a 411 briefing. Because we were the first group, Derek helped us out a little, so it wasn’t too bad.

Next, Chris and I went out to explore Temple’s campus. There are some beautiful buildings! Our main objectives were to find the library and the track. Done.

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