It Makes Seven Too!

Today I was eating lunch with friends. One of my littler friends was counting fingers to see what four and four make (for all you not-so-mathy types, they make eight), what three and five make (also eight). Having counted a few sets of fingers she came to a new set of hands showing four and four. In counting them she missed a finger, got to the end and declared with delighted surprise, “It makes seven too!”

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Last night I went to a park with friends. Chasing one of my littler friends around attracted the attention of some of the other kids in the park who asked to join the game. One of the the little girls asked me for the rules. I told her there weren’t any she just had to run away. That girl then proceed to make a number of rules and tell them to me. The most annoying rule was the time out rule. Anytime anyone was “tired” they could say “eep” and then I couldn’t catch them. It was amazing how often that girl got ‘tired’ and cried “EEP” right as I was about to catch her. Despite the eep nonsense, I had a great time.

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