Catch Up

This week I’ve been busy. I had a little catch up do to after a good weekend in Ubon. I worked on my taxes, which I will be able to finish as soon as I can access one more financial report. I went, as usual, to Pi Tot’s care team. And I prepared myself for the exam that concluded Module 2 (I have one more module of language learning before moving to Ubon).


I ought to have made time Monday evening to write about my field trip to the Jim Thompson House. Jim Thompson was an American architect who did much to revive traditional silk weaving in


Thailand and to make Thai Silk a valuable commodity on the world market. During his eight years in 

Thailand he brought together various styles of traditional Thai architecture to form a single house. The house which is throughout composed of Thai things, has an underlying western layout. Adding to his fame, Jim Thompson disappeared without a trace after eight years in 

Thailand during a visit to I forget what country.



I also ought to mention I had a wonderful lunch with a friend I made while I was here a year and a half ago. Catching up is good. And fun, exciting people are fun and exciting to be around. I was pleased by my ability to follow some Thai that was spoken rather quickly. For the sake of clarity and honesty I should note that there are still people I consistently do not understand. I don’t know if it is their accent, their choice of vocabulary, or what, but there are three people in particular whom I have yet to understand more than a few words from.

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