Doi Suthep

So today I rented a motorcycle (Honda Click) for about $5. I put about $2 worth of gas in it and set off up the nearest mountain.

One of the first things I came to was a rather grand temple. The stairs alone were rather imposing.

Next I arrived at the winter palace. There were some fun buildings and fun gardens, but most of it was in maintenance mode. There was some HUGE bamboo.

Next I hiked my way to the highest point in the Mountain Range. Blue Sky On the way up I was mainly working on getting there. On the way down (following the same trail) I saw all kind of cool flowers and fungi.

The next stop was some waterfalls. On all these trails I saw no people. It was kind of cool. I also, after awhile, realized it was kind of dangerous. I saw snakes, and rocks to twist ankles on, but I saw no one to go get help.

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G Mac

Wednesday we went to Huntly, the birthplace of George MacDonald. We saw his birthplace, his childhood home, his church, and his school. We also saw some buildings that make appearances in some of his fictional works.

We then went to Cullen, the setting for Malcolm (one of my favorite George MacDonald books). It made me want to spend a long time exploring the area, finding things that reminded me of the book. It made me wish I’d read the book more recently so I could place things better.

Nathanael and I decided to walk home from Cullen along the coast. The first two miles were beautiful. The coast was rocky and again made me want to spend time exploring, but there wasn’t a lot of extra time, and I was dressed in flip flops and shorts (not having planned to do a lot of walking). Among other exciting sites, we saw dolphins.

The last mile or so was still pretty, but the walk got less enjoyable. The little narrow shelf between cliffs and sea disappeared so we had  to walk along the top of the cliffs. I didn’t know God had invented so many different prickly plants. I had to tread very carefully, and even so, I bled a little. Silly me and my flip flops and shorts.

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Two Hikes

Yesterday we hiked along the river that runs right past the house where we are staying. Throwing rocks in the water is always fun!

We also did a lot of reading together. I like stories!

Today we drove from the East side to the West of Scotland through the highlands. Beautiful!

Our first stop (other than quick photo stops) was Glencoe. The closest comparison that comes to mind is the heart of the Colorado Rockies. My apologies for slacking in the photo department.

Second stop: Ben Nevis, the highest point in Scotland. Judah (not feeling well), Mom, Dad, and Baruch, decided to take it easy today. The rest of us set off, not planning to get to the top, but just wanting to have a fun hike and see some sites. Asher and I got halfway. He was starting to get tired (so was my ankle). We turned around. The most beautiful thing we saw (in my opinion) was a lake high up seated on a saddle between two peaks. I assume Nan, Gabe, and Seth made it to the top  because they’re not back yet and I’ve been sitting here getting water, eating, writing emails, writing this post, etc.

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The Jonah Experience

Sorry. I haven’t stayed on top of this the last few days.

Our last day in London we went to All Souls church in the morning and then went to Speakers Corner (where Jay Smith goes on Sunday afternoons). Speakers Corner is hard to describe. Speakers corner is a space in the park where people can go and say pretty much whatever they want. There are a lot of crazy folks, a lot of angry folks. Some people wear costumes to help attract a crowd. There are a number of very sharp muslims who know both the Koran and the Bible quite well. There are a number of people with Jay Smith who work to answer their objections to Christian belief as well as confront them with places of weakness in their own belief.

After Speakers Corner we swung by Buckingham Palace.

Monday we left London for Wales. Tuesday we had a very nice sit-around-and-read-while-the-rain-falls-outside day. Yesterday we went and saw an old castle and a few bits of the Welsh coast. We also went to a museum telling the story of one of the leaders in the Welsh revival.

Today we hiked up to one of the highest points in the national park we’re staying in. It was a pretty steep walk with pretty views along the way. The view from the top, however, was nonexistent. The top was in thick cloud. I’d love to get to see the view sometime, but it was fun to get to walk right into the clouds.

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