This week has been good. In the mornings we’ve had a time scheduled (9:00-11:30) to spend with “the young people” (middle school through high school). Monday, in part due to their attendance at Roxbury, no one showed up, so I got a tour of the church. Tuesday Rachel was there and we talked first about Living in Prosperity then about Hatred, Prejudice, Bigotry. Wednesday Page came and we talked first about sex and homosexuality, and then about drugs. Thursday Rachel was back and we discussed death, then slavery to sin and slavery to God. Friday I was slotted to give a talk on Music but no one showed. The mornings with Rachel were good. She was able to join in the discussions. Wednesday was more awkward for everyone. Page sat in what appeared to be silent discomfort while I answered Pastor Herr’s questions.

In the afternoons we went visiting. It was a side of pastoral ministry I had not previously seen. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. There are older people out there with great stories and great wisdom for the hearing.

After visiting I had more or less free time. Most days I read God in the Dock a collection of essays by C.S. Lewis. One of the afternoons I joined Pastor Herr in his garden.

Monday night I went to a Bible study with Scott (the Herr’s eldest son). It was a good time, very informal, a bunch of long time friends spending time together. Wednesday I went to a Bible study with Becky (the Herr’s youngest daughter). It was more structured. I was able to learn more. Everyone (besides myself) was related to each other. After the study we cleaned up a fruit tray and then went out for ice cream. Thursday night I again did Phones for You. My family came and saw me at Paramount! Saturday night I went off by myself so I could pray and sing without fear of being overheard and had a great time with God. Sunday morning I shared answers to prayer from London and played/sung “Heart of Worship.”

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