Small Sacrifices

It’s always nice to get asked to do something you’d like to do anyhow. I was recently asked to go down to Bangkok to help some friends with a move. I’d been wanting an opportunity to see some of my friends in Bangkok.

I’ve now started and deleted a few paragraphs trying to say how much I enjoyed my time in Bangkok. It is tricky to explain without giving the wrong impression. I enjoy hanging out with Thai friends in Ubon; I like using and improving my Thai; but it was nice to just sit back and joke around in English. I like my Christian friends in Ubon and I value diversity in my interactions, diversity of age, marital status, nationality, etc; but wow was it nice to spend a few evenings with other young, single, American, Christian folks. I rejoice when I see Thai Christians being Christian in Thai ways; it make me sad when I see Thai Christians distancing themselves from other Thais by taking on Western forms of “Church;” but it was rejuvenating to be a part of an amplified, guitar-drum-keyboard, (there’s a word I’m missing here) worship time.

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I was invited to eat lunch and see a waterfall with Pi Lek (my next door neighbor) and Pi Gee (my guard). The trip was not exactly what I expected, but it was time well spent.

On our way out of town we grabbed some roadside snack food. We got grilled eggs on a stick and rice in a cane.

When we arrived at our destination, I discovered that lunch and the waterfall were both side trips from the main purpose of the journey: the sale of copied CDs. My neighbor sold 2000 baht worth of CDs to a policeman. It is the intent of the policeman and his wife to resell the four boxes worth of music and movies.

By the time the transaction was completed it was three in the afternoon. By the time “lunch” was finished, it was four. The waterfall got crossed off the to do list. We did, however, get to see the remains of an 11th century temple.

On our way home Pi Lek stopped to purchase a thatch roofed table. The table made a very nice place for breakfast this morning.

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A few days ago, I spent a great deal of my time falling. In the afternoon I rolled down a huge hill in a huge inflated ball. It was fun until the ball started bouncing. Heads are not meant for bouncing on.

Then, in the evening, as we were waiting to go in to a restaurant for dinner I started messing around with one of my friends. Somewhere in the skirmish he grabbed me from behind and I went with the be-dead-weight option. This option got bad fast as I found myself pulling my friend off balance. My head started straight for a concrete step. My friend was falling too. Falling on top of me. My arms were tied up somewhere behind my back with my friend. The future started looking grim. If there had been more time, my life might have flashed before my eyes. I landed with my cheek on the step. I didn’t hit my nose. I didn’t break my glasses. I didn’t snap my neck. I’ll give God credit for protecting me in that fall.

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The following are observations from my first day in Bangkok:

    Being led in worship in English is a refreshing thing for me
    Mexican food is amazing
    It’s good to sit and talk to a friend face to face in English

Note: I do love Thailand. I love the Thai language. I love Thai food. I love Thai people.

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Tonight I heard the story of the 7 chicken children. It went something like this:

Once upon a time a __________ (word I don’t know) came to a grandmother and a grandfather and asked for food. The grandmother and grandfather did not have much food, but greatly desired to feed the stranger. The only meat they had was a chicken, but they did not want to kill it because its chicks were still small.

As the grandmother and grandfather discussed the need to properly care for their guest the mother chicken overheard. Knowing what her fate would be, the mother chicken told the oldest of her children to look after the other chicks. She instructed the oldest to model for the younger ones the moral life.

When the mother chicken was gone the chicken children did not wish to live alone so they climbed into the sky and are now a seven star constellation.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you which constellation they are. There were too many clouds tonight to pick out the seven chicken children. I was told that there are all kinds of animals in the sky. My guard (who told the story) said the older people can tell all their stories and can tell the meanings/morals of all the stories. My guard can’t remember them all.

During the rice harvest when a lot of people live out by their fields (rather than commuting in and out of the village), the evenings are great times for stories. Because it doesn’t rain at that time of year a lot of the stories are told while sleeping under the stars. My guard clearly has fond memories of this time. He described the sound of the frogs and the crickets, the cool breeze (that keeps the mosquitoes down), and so many other details that made me want to lie in a rice field at harvest time.

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