Of Creepiness and Tortillas

The creepiness first. Today I got my other Thai driver’s license (the car and motorcycle are seperate). One of the girls behind the counter who had flirted with me some last time, was over the top this time. After I had left I got a call from her. She had taken my number off my application for a license. When she called I was playing guitar with a friend, and told her it wasn’t a good time. She called again later in the day. I didn’t answer. She called a minute later. I didn’t answer. She called again. I answered and let her know I was eating dinner with friends (see below). She asked how long I would be eating dinner. I said until late. Since nine fifteen she has been repeatedly calling me. I have yet to answer. Enough of the creepy.

Now for the tortillas. Tonight I had tortillas for the first time since coming to Thailand. Not to mention homemade refried beans and guacamole (the guacamole was yellow—not green—and tasted a little different). I had not realized how much I missed good southwest food. It was also a good time of hanging out and speaking English. We (two of the other teachers from my school and a third friend) talked about all sorts of things that I don’t have the ability or the opportunity to talk about in Thai.

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First Day

Today was my first day of real classes at Benchama. It went well. I took pictures of my students to help me learn their names. 120 (non-English) names is a lot! While I was taking pictures, I gave the students number puzzles to work on. I was very pleased with where my students are in their ability to think creatively to solve problems.

Good news in a barely related category: the start of school has meant food production outside the school has kicked into high gear. Hooray for yummy cheap food!

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