I’m Not Strong Enough

I just finished listening to a very good reminder. I just listened to the Pentecost Sunday sermon from FABIC, You’ve Got to be Pentecostal. I want to live a life not my own with a strength not my own. In and of my self I do not have the strength even for surrender. God help me let God help me.

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The Joy of a Disappointing Jesus

If the title of the sermon makes you curious check it out here

It was a good reminder to delight in the realization that Jesus is more than I might sometimes want him to be, not less. Jesus has come to do more than make me comfy.

While I’m commenting on Sunday mornings, allow me to share a question that really rattled some of the foundations in my brain:

“How much are you willing to pay to give up your rights?”

Don’t get me wrong, I know on the surface (and even a little below the surface) that God’s way is the best way and that surrender to him is worth far more than anything else, but something about the way the question was asked last week brought that truth deeper into my being.

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