Days Don’t Get Much Better

Today was top notch. I had a productive morning that included mopping my floors, making a grocery run, and going for a walk to help get a feel for my area. 

In the afternoon I went to a Thai party. I met several Thai peers, including a guy my age who is very gracious and anxious to help me learn the language. I ate to the point of bursting from a table spread with all kinds of good things. Some highlights were the chicken feet (which to the tongue taste good, but to my American mind are a little hard to swallow), the spaghetti (the sauce was very sweet and a little like barbecue sauce), and now I’m realizing I don’t yet have words for the other highlights. 

In the later afternoon I went to the house of two of the guys I’d met. We played some cards. I took a nap on the couch. We walked over to their church and played some ping pong. 


After ping pong I sat in on their care team. It was a good time of worshiping, of expressing gratitude to God for the past year, of looking into the scriptures, and of praying for one another. The people I met all have fascinating stories. One of the attendees is from a muslim background.


God is good

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