We’ve spent the last few days kicking around London. Mom found an online offer for a three day transit pass (that lets you use any bus, underground, or train) together with a one day London Pass (that grants you free admission to a number of the London sites).Rosetta Stone
Friday we spent the afternoon at the British Museum. We saw the real version of a lot of things often featured in textbooks. We saw stuff that was around back in the time of the Israelite exodus. We saw stone writings that once deciphered confirmed what the Bible has said for years but some scholars had doubted. It is hard to explain what it was like, because what it was like was seeing the real thing instead of textbook pages. And here I am creating another page, not the real thing.
The Tower of London
Saturday was the day we used our London Pass. The five oldest boys got a jump start on the day checking out the Southwark Cathedral. We then met up with the rest of the family at the Tower of London (above). One of the hard things was the shear volume of things to be seen. I could have easily spent the whole day at the tower.Tower Bridge
Next we went to the Tower Bridge. We went up on the walk ways and down in the old engine rooms where we saw the steam engines that raised the bridge in the past.
Tower Bridge Engine Room
We then saw, heard, felt, smelt, and even tasted in the air a gun salute for the Queen’s birthday.
(picture coming)
Next we saw Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Wow! Everything was so beautiful, so grand, so ornate, so mind-bogglingly huge. Some of us climbed 434 steps to look out from a balcony up near the top. Today, I can barely climb the steps up from the underground train.
St Pauls Cathedral
From St. Paul’s we went to Kensington Palace. We got to see the rooms of William and Mary the first king and queen to take up residence there. I think my favorite part were all the large paintings hung on the walls, as well as the scenes painted on some of the ceilings. In both Kensington and St Paul’s we were not allowed to take photographs inside. Bummer!
Kensington Palace
We next went to Westminster pier, hopped on board a boat and cruised down then up the Thames. It was nice to give the old feet a break.

Big Ben
Walking around we came across a phone booth and all piled in.

We also saw this!

Well church is about to start, so I guess that’s all I’ll say.

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The Tour

This morning Jay Smith gave us a whilwind tour of the British Museum and the British Library. On the tour he gave amazing historical answers supporting our scriptures. Also he showed that the same tests our scriptures pass with flying colors, cast serious doubt on Muslim claims about the Qu’ran.

These last two weeks I feel God has been growing me in the area of prayer. God has graciously altered both the spiritual and the physical climate in response to my prayers, I have enjoyed extended times of prayer.
This trip has shown me the beauty of other cultures.

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