Ready for Bed

I like having things to write about. There comes a point, however, when a day is so full of sights, and sounds, and tastes, and smells that it grows harder, rather than easier, to write anything about any of it. The brain is tired from processing so many new and exciting things. And even if it were alert, there are so many experiences to be sorted through it is hard to settle on those which are particularly noteworthy. Yesterday was such a day. 

After language school I walked a few blocks south to see a free art exhibit someone in my language class had recommended. It was a collection of large canvases filled with brilliant flowers. One of my favorites had bright red flowers hanging down in clusters. The background was a deep green. And weaving through it all were very dark, all but black vines. I think all the contrast is what made it particularly attractive to me. The darks in the background and in the vines made the flowers blaze all the brighter. 

After lunch I met Pi Silk. She helped me find music shops I had been told about in Chinatown. It was fun to play several different cellos. One I played had a cutaway body to provide more convenient access to high notes. I hadn’t ever seen (or at least taken notice of) a cello like that. None of the music stores had electric cellos, though several had electric violins. 

My brain was overloaded after several shops filled with instruments. It was utterly overrun by what came next which I will poorly describe. (It makes me wonder how hard and frustrating it was for John to try and relate his revelation in human words to people who had never seen the things he saw. That said what I saw today was not at all in the same category as the things seen by St. John). 

Pi Silk took me into a building filled with row after row of storage cells, each cell was a shop bursting with merchandise. We passed everything from computer speakers to bins filled with old speedometers, from bolts of cloth to dvds. Between the storage cells there was not room for two people to walk side by side. When the walls receded a little the space remained filled, filled with food vendors, motorcycles, and people. 

Separate from the above was a food market. The food market was equally crowded and equally filled with things varied and beyond my ken.  

Along the way Pi Silk fed me certain foods worth having. I drank the juice squeezed from the root of a Chinese Lotus. I ate a boiled birds nest. I’m not sure I could stomach the ethical implications of eating a nest stolen from a bird and its offspring on a regular basis, but as for stomachability otherwise, it was excellent. I was told the nest is made by the bird from its own saliva. I don’t know. It certainly wasn’t very grass or hair like.  

I had the opportunity to meet the parents of Pi Silk. (Chinatown is their home area). Today was another reminder that when my brain is processing a myriad of sites, sounds, etc, my mouth doesn’t do much. I struggle to produce any worthwhile conversation, or even to respond to the worthwhile conversations of others. I just spit out minimal answers: “yes,” “very exciting,” “Nathanael, Gabriel, Judah, Seth, Asher, and Baruch,” “22, 20, 18, 15, 13, 10,” etc. 

I’m off to bed.

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We again went to St. Vincent’s for mass. It was shorter this time because there were no baptisms. The homily was very good. The father spoke of being advance people for Christ (like John the Baptist).
After church Steve and I ran home. It was about ten miles, most of which was through beautiful parts of Fairmount Park.

In the afternoon I went to the Philly Art Museum. I finished seeing the exhibits. It was nice to be there on my own. It allowed me to spend time with the pieces I wanted to spend time with.

In the early evening I went to Circle of hope. I really enjoyed the service. It was an artistic composition of songs and words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that spoke with meaning to the problems in today’s world. It was good to see some people who used to be part of my church in Waynesboro.

Later in the evening Josh, the Metrauxs, and I played Karaoke, a game Maricela got for the PlayStation. It was a fun time of laughing at each other. It was a little frustrating for me because I didn’t know most of the songs on the game.

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Mass and Museum

This morning I got up at 6:15 to run with my host. EARLY!! We ran about six miles. He filled me in on the history of the things we ran past. After the run we ate breakfast and read the Philly Tribune and the New York Times.

We went to mass at St. Vincent’s. It was a predominantly white church. Our host family goes there both because it is fairly liberal and because it has a good kids program. Because of there was a baptism of four infants the service lasted two hours. The service was not that different. We sang several songs I know. The most differnt thing we did was ask several Saints of the past to pray for us.

This afternoon we went to the art museum with Melissa and Cheri (who live near us). In two hours we only made it through half of the second floor and a quarter of the first. I felt tired the whole time which was frustrating. We saw Marcus and Larry and found out that they live near us. We ran into Mikaya, Daniel, Sarah, and some others.

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First Friday

This morning I didn’t run even though it was the prettiest morning yet. I had already decided to work on my satellite exam instead. I had a fairly productive morning. It meant though that I did not take a shower and I am starting to feel rather dirty.

Tonight was First Friday. Several art galleries in the area are open for the first friday of every month. Most galleries have some refreshments, though most we went to had already ran out. There was a lot of fun art so we didn’t waste too much time on stuff we didn’t enjoy. There was a really intriguing abstract exhibit. I enjoyed a furniture gallery. The furniture was made of large slabs of wood cut from the trunks of large trees. There was some African-styled art that was nice. Perhaps the most moodful art was a set of paintings depicting blues instruments and musicians. The paintings looked like blues sounds.

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