We again went to St. Vincent’s for mass. It was shorter this time because there were no baptisms. The homily was very good. The father spoke of being advance people for Christ (like John the Baptist).
After church Steve and I ran home. It was about ten miles, most of which was through beautiful parts of Fairmount Park.

In the afternoon I went to the Philly Art Museum. I finished seeing the exhibits. It was nice to be there on my own. It allowed me to spend time with the pieces I wanted to spend time with.

In the early evening I went to Circle of hope. I really enjoyed the service. It was an artistic composition of songs and words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that spoke with meaning to the problems in today’s world. It was good to see some people who used to be part of my church in Waynesboro.

Later in the evening Josh, the Metrauxs, and I played Karaoke, a game Maricela got for the PlayStation. It was a fun time of laughing at each other. It was a little frustrating for me because I didn’t know most of the songs on the game.

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