A Birthday and a Musical

Around noon we went to Gameworks Studios to celebrate Tony’s birthday. Gameworks is a building full of arcade games. It was the first time I have arcade style games (deprived child that I am). The most facinating part of the experience was watching the groups of people around the Dance, Dance, Revolution boards. There were some crazy good DDR players. They could play without looking. They’d throw in the occasional hit with their hands. One guy always put on gloves before dancing, and then took them off when he was done.

We drove through the Italian Market. It was good to see, but I didn’t feel the need to get out of the car, maybe on a warmer day.

In the evening I went with the Metraux family to dinner and then to Jesus Christ Superstar. The performance was put on by the Paul Rand School of Rock of which Maricela is apart. While certain aspects of the performance are theologically sketchy, the music was very impressive.

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